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  • In sports medicine, the stakes are high. There is immense pressure from coaches or parents to get athletes on the field as soon as possible after an injury. JointFit can help. Currently 30 of 32 NFL teams employ at least one sports chiropractor. 26 MLB teams do as well. However, some universities still do not incorporate sports chiropractors in the medical team. One of the biggest reasons is that AT’s are unaware of what type of specialized knowledge sports chiropractors possess. Manhattan KS Chiropractor Dr. Seth Myers DC, MS, USAW and Dr. Rich Foveaux DC, MS, DACBSP have dedicated themselves to the highest level of understanding about how each joint in the body works. This provides a tremendous advantage when assessing and treating sports injuries. The tables on the right show how an average DC curriculum compares with those in an average medical school. Doctors of Chiropractic undergo 3 and a half years of professional education after undergraduate study and are trained as portal of entry providers. Furthermore, Manhattan KS Chiropractor. Seth Myers and Dr. Rich Foveaux have Master’s degrees in sports medicine and in sports science and rehabilitation, respectively.  Dr. Foveaux was first Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians in the state of Kansas, which is the highest level of chiropractic sports medicine board certification possible. 

    Most sports medicine staffs of the past consisted of a general practitioner to take care of general medical conditions, an orthopedic surgeon who evaluated more severe injuries looking for structural pathology, a physical therapist to rehabilitate following surgery and restore global function, and an athletic trainer to act as an administrator to coordinate this effort, provide on-field triage and manage less severe injuries by controlling pain and inflammation through various modalities.

    However, a great deal of athletic injuries fail to demonstrate significant structural damage. Treatment aimed at managing pain and inflammation through modalities, medications, or injections is often unsuccessful because those are only symptoms of a possibly unidentified mechanical or functional problem. Physical therapy is may be ineffective in these instances because if an injury process is unidentified it’s awfully hard to individualize rehab to fix it. Because of this, many professional and college athletic programs are incorporating Diplomates of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians into the team. Chiropractors specializing in sports medicine can provide another perspective and specialize in correcting segmental deficits mechanical or functional in nature. Segmental joint motion and stability are the foundation of functional movement. Incorporating board certified sports chiropractors into the team can enhance athlete care by helping identify additional underlying functional factors that will help an athlete return to normal function sooner and prevent re-injury. Dr. Foveaux is honored to serve Kansas State Baseball in this capacity. 

    Biomechanics and kinesiology tell us that function at the segmental joint level is vital in optimal function, and that correction of dysfunction at this level crucial in allowing healing and preventing re-injury. A weak link in the kinetic chain results in compensations elsewhere. Why not incorporate experts in segmental stability and function into your team?

    Sometimes AT’s and Orthopedic doctors will refer to a traditional chiropractor as a last resort when problems just aren’t responding. Many times, this too is ineffective because traditional chiropractic care rarely incorporates advanced assessment and function of soft tissues responsible for stability of the joints they are manipulating.

    At JointFit, you will find experts in biomechanical assessment and rehabilitation, and a Manhattan KS Chiropractor with the highest level of accredited board specialty training and certification available in sports chiropractic- someone dedicated to excellence in conservative care that can truly do your athlete justice with the level of care provided.

  • Average Minimum Required Hours
 (From study looking at averages of 18 chiropractic and 22 medical schools)sports injury manhattan ks chiropractor
    Additional Master's of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation Hours Completed
    sports injury rehab manhattan ks chiropractor
    Estimated Additional Hours of Training by Diplomate Board Specialty Chiropractic Sports Physicians
    diplomate hours manhattan ks chiropractor sports injury relief
    Optimum Performance Pyramid
    manhattan ks chiropractor sports injury rehab
    Sports Chiropractors Excel in Diagnosing and Treating Dysfunctions that Occur in the Foundation of Functional Movement and Performance