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    Wellness Wednesday Tip: Concerned about childhood obesity? A 2003 Boston University study looked at over 100 kids at 4 years old and followed them to age 11. Every year, they and their parents were questioned about tv viewing, exercise habits, and dietary characteristics. At age 11, children that viewed 3 hrs or more of television daily had about 30% more skinfold thickness (a measure of bodyfat), compare to kids that watched 1 hour and 45 minutes or less. The effects were even worse if they watched over 3 hours of tv daily, and were sedentary or had a high fat diet.

    Take home points: limit your child’s screen time to 90 minutes or less per day. This means that the total time spent on a handheld device, watching tv, or playing video games should be less 90 minutes. This will lower their risks for childhood obesity. They are too young to make these decisions on their own! Help your child live a longer and healthier life now by helping them establish healthy habits on a daily basis.