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  • Dr. Foveaux is a chiropractor Manhattan KS specializing in sports injury care and prevention, and improving human performance. How can a sports chiropractor help your team? In NASCAR or speed racing the formula for success (besides avoiding crashes) is quite simple: the most efficient car with the fewest mechanical and functional defects will most often win or finish very high. When dealing with athletes and teams, this also holds true. Nationally respected master trainer Gray Cook has been quoted as saying, “Either nature or competition will find an overlooked weakness.” The truth of that statement likely resonates in those who have experience in athletics.

    The bad news is that when nature or competition finds that overlooked weakness, its often shows its ugly face in the form of poor performance or plateus, injury, or delayed rehab. The good news is we often can find them before that! In addition to our unique and advanced methods in the office that can help return athletes to play quickly and help improve performance we many services that can help your team reach its full potential.

    1. Functional movement screening to identify “weak links” in your athletes that may increase risk of injury
    2. ACL prevention programs
    3. Strength and Conditioning program design and coaching to improve power, agility, and running mechanics.
    4. Dynamic Warm-up design
    5. Sports Nutrition workshops for endurance, power, or speed athletes
    6. On-site taping or injury surveillance and triage
    7. “Prehab” programs

    JointFit is capable of providing a full spectrum program for schools that do not have an athletic trainer or working hand in hand with your trainer to optimize athletic programs.

    Please call 785-320-6868 to set up a consultation to learn more about these services and how we can help you and your team reach it’s highest potential. Dr. Foveaux is a chiropractor Manhattan KS board certified in chiropractic sports medicine, master’s degree in sports science, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with experience as a sports performance coach. 

    Learn more about sports chiropractic by visiting the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians website:  http://www.acbsp.com/certifications .


  • Athletic movement is a progression of segmental joint motion in fluid synergy
    Athletic movements and human motor programs are influenced by joint stiffness, muscle tightness, or altered segmental stability
    chiropractor manhattan ks sports injury clinic
    Overlooked dysfunctions can rob athletes of speed and power, or cause joint and muscle breakdown elsewhere in the kinetic chain
    Consquences of Training with Segmental Joint Dysfunction and Instability
    manhattan ks chiropractor
    What’s the Tipping Point?
    chiropractor manhattan ks sports injury
    Performing or training on a weak foundation of functional movement and individual joint motion will ultimately lead to tipping of the performance pyramid and INJURY.JointFit can help correct these foundational issues to reduce risk of injury and improve functional movement.