Mobility Tip: Improve Upper Back Extension with Foam Rolling

November 19, 2012

A blog of Manhattan KS chiropractor Dr. Richard Foveaux DC, MS, DACBSP, CSCS

Are you a swimmer, thrower, or do you have a job that requires a lot of overhead activity such as painting? If so, you need good upper back mobility (extension). This helps to ensure that your shoulder blade can move into the proper position. A stiff upper back limits your shoulder mobility and can cause rotator cuff problems if you do a lot of overhead activities. Daily rolling on a foam cylinder like the one pictured can improve your thoracic spine mobility and possibly prevent shoulder strain.

foam roll manhattan ks chiropractor

Daily foam rolling will help improve the function of the back, neck, and shoulder.

If you have pain with overhead activity, contact us to set up an exam and functional movement testing with Manhattan KS chiropractor specialist Dr. Richard Foveaux. Foam rolls can be purchased in our office or great local store Manhattan Running Company.