junction city generals chiropractor manhattan ks dr richard foveaux dcAre you the director, trainer or coach of a sports team, school, or league?

Interested in having a board certified allied health provider and sports specialist assist, cover your athletic events, or provide pre-participation physical exams?

Call or email today and let us know!

785-320-6868 or jointfitchiropractic@live.com

JointFit has provided or currently provides coverage for the following teams/programs:

Riley County High School Baseball, Riley County High School Basketball
Junction City Generals Semi-Pro Baseball Club, Rock Creek High School Football and Manhattan High School Football.

Services vary but have included:

  • Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • Dynamic Warm-up Design
  • Pre-Game Taping
  • Injury evaluation, diagnosis, treatment
  • Rehabilitation of Injuries

Certified Sports Chiropractor Manhattan KS