stethoscope chiropractor Manhattan KSAt JointFit we love helping everyone, but we have a great passion for working with athletes.

That’s why we offer sports physicals at the great rate of only $25 dollars. While you’re here, ask to tour our facility and you’ll quickly see why the best athletes at all levels love to work with Dr. Foveaux, chiropractor Manhattan KS! This isn’t the ordinary chiropractic office!

You may download the form for the Kansas Pre-Participation Physical Exam by clicking here.

Additionally parents and athletes will need to print, read, and sign the KSHAA concussion information packet. Click here for access to this form.

As a sports chiropractor Manhattan KS, we understand how important it is to recognize concussion and manage it safely. Parents and athletes should both be educated as to know the dangers with concussion and returning to play too quickly. Please take the time to visit this site to learn about the best available knowledge of concussion and returning to play guidelines.

You may print it out at home and begin filling out the first section to shorten the process in the office.



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