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rehabilitation chiropractor manhattan ksDuring muscle strains and joint/ligament sprains, tiny sensory structures are damaged within the tissue responsible sending signals to the spinal cord and brain. Because these messengers relay information regarding joint position, muscle tension, and pressure, they have a big impact on how well your body functions and how stable your joints are during movement. If these damaged structures are not re-trained properly, you lose stability of that particular joint and are quite likely to be re-injured. For example, ankles sprains left untreated will have about 40% chronic instability and even higher probability of re-injury. A recent study showed only a 13% recurrence rate following proprioceptive rehabilitation like we offer at JointFit. This was better than regular strengthening exercises and no treatment. The study showed no significant difference between just strengthening the muscles like many physical therapy plans and no treatment at all like many primary care recommendations!

Back and neck pain, likewise need to be rehabilitated to slow and/or prevent future serious damage. With back and neck pain, there are likely factors in the hip and shoulder that need to be addressed to reduce wear and tear on the low back and neck. The best available evidence does not favor spinal manipulation alone, but shows that when it is combined with active rehabilitation like we perform at JointFit, it is more effective in relieving persistent pain.

JointFit provides personalized care based upon your exam findings, joint stability screening, and functional analysis to ensure you have a solid foundation of recovery. Optimum health, function, and performance depend on it. Here you will find a  sports chiropractor Manhattan KS dedicated to helping you maximize your function.

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