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  • Meet Your Feet

    foot pain plantar fasciitis manhattan ks chiropractorFeet are wonders of bio-mechanical engineering. Your feet support your weight, absorb shock when you jump, walk or run, act as a lever to propel your legs forward and balance your body as it moves. Each individual foot is a complex machine made up of 26 bones and 33 joints linked by a series of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Manhattan KS Chiropractor Dr. Richard Foveaux and Dr. Seth Myers understand the mechanics involved and can help diagnose not just what hurts, but why it hurts.

    sports custom insoles manhattan ks chiropractorUnlike other orthotics, ALINE is a progressive solution that doesn’t simply mask the issues that rob us of health and performance. ALINE fixes the root of these problems, unnatural movement and poor alignment.

    shin splints manhattan ks chiropractorALINE aligns and supports your foot through it’s NATURAL range of motion, increasing your performance by allowing you to find your optimum power position, saving undue wear on the rest of your body, and allowing you to stay in the game with less pain and for more years of your life.

    Try ALINE and see why everyone from Olympians and PGA Tour professionals, to weekend warriors enjoy the increased performance and health benefits from the world’s most advanced insole. Jointfit Chiropractic and Sports Medicine center is proud to carry ALINE orthotics. ALINE orthotics are used by PGA Tour professionals, olympians and other highly competitive athletes. They are designed to let you “Play, Compete, Live”.

    ALINE orthotics do not mask the issues with our feet, but are used as a progressive system that help fix the root cause of these problems.

    For more information about ALINE orthotics, contact JointFit at (785) 320-6868 or visit www.aline.com.