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    Chronic inflammation is being recognized more and more as the root cause of “modern” disease.  Causing pain, fatigue, cognitive decline and depression, chronic inflammation has reached epidemic proportions in industrialized nations.  Managing inflammation on a long term basis promotes healing and natural pain management. Manhattan KS Chiropractor Dr. Rich Foveaux DC, M.Sci., DACBSP, CSCS has studied this extensively and attended numerous lectures from the “DE-Flame Diet” expert Dr. David Seaman.

    manhattan ks chiropractor sports injury nutritionClick for an informative brochure on fighting inflammation naturally with your diet!

    Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin D3 and multi-vitamins contain molecules that can play a role in reducing chronic inflammation and pain.  The vitamins and nutrients are chronically deficient in the Western diet.  Adequate amounts of each can rarely be achieved without supplementation.

    At JointFit, we recognize this and also are aware that the dietary supplement industry is widely unregulated as far as quality and accuracy of what each actually contains.  After researching dozens of manufacturers, we are convinced there is no better product available than Anabolic Labs.

    Learn about Anabolic Labs’ manufacturing process and product potency guarantee.



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