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  • A Blog of Manhattan KS Chiropractor Dr. Richard Foveaux DC, MS, DACBSP

    Are you aware that your body was designed to be a dynamic machine, built to move simultaneously in three planes of movement? Because it is dynamic, it can adapt when one body part isn’t moving correctly. The adaptation is however, a faulty movement pattern- not as efficient and creating more wear and tear on your body than the correct pattern. These faulty movement patterns result in muscle imbalances and cause aches, pains, and early arthritis.

    manhattan ks chiropractor Dr Richard Foveaux DC JointFit

    At JointFit, you will find experts in conservative care of muscle and joint pain.

    At JointFit, we can identify faulty movement strategies through functional movement tests. Very few providers are trained in this testing, though there is probably nothing more beneficial than it is for patients’ long term joint health. Once you undergo a thorough functional movement examination, specific exercises can be assigned to you to help fix your underlying weaknesses, tightness, and poor muscle activation. You won’t find the “cookie-cutter” approaches to physical therapy at JointFit. Nor do we expect a simple spinal manipulation to cure all that ails ya. You will find a well rounded approach to address how your muscles and joints function so that you can get back to doing what you love as soon as possible.