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  • The purpose of JointFit Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Center is to provide a premier portal of entry health care facility specializing in the diagnosis and care musculoskeletal pathologies and to educate and offer patients the best possible non-surgical treatment options.  We believe that all healthcare providers simply “must know what we need to know, before we need to know it.” For this to be possible, complete competency in recognizing general medical conditions masquerading as somatic complaints as well true complex joint and muscle problems is of great importance. Furthermore, open communication with other physicians and specialty providers is critical to ensure that effective patient-centered care is delivered promptly and efficiently. The solution for meeting the highest standard of care is simple: obtain the broadest range of experience and highest level of training and education available and continue learning everyday. As a DACBSP®, Dr Foveaux has achieved the highest distinction level of specialty board recognition available in chiropractic. What further sets our clinic apart from others in our field is that we have separated ourselves from outdated dogma that has plagued our profession and we allow new knowledge and evidence to change the way we treat patients for the better. We believe a multi-disciplinary approach is effective because of the difficulty associated with complete knowledge of all conditions, treatments, and literature. Therefore, the sum of specialized expertise from members of an integrated team of dedicated professionals is greater than that of a single provider or profession. In an environment of mutual respect and highest regard for the athlete or patient, this type of approach has no other possibility other than to enhance patient care and improve outcomes. JointFit is a reliable clinic for referrals of patient with spine, joint, and repetitive use injuries affecting the extremities. Patients referred to JointFit from another professional office are seen within 24 hours with complete notes faxed to the referring provider after evaluation or treatment. Our initial examination includes physical examination, neurologic testing, special orthopedic testing, joint motion/muscle strength testing, and functional movement pattern testing. Providers can be assured that patients evaluated at JointFit will not even be treated if it is believe that the condition will not respond favorably to multi-modal care consisting of manual therapy, specialized soft-tissue therapy, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and possibly taping/bracing.

    Patients are given a general estimate on length of recovery, but individual treatment plans are based upon functional outcome assessments and individual progress. Typical treatment plans are 4-6 weeks, but we expect significant improvement in as little as 3 sessions.. Active care is heavily promoted as well as spine and joint sparing modifications to safely perform activities of daily living. This helps us achieve favorable long term outcomes.

    To refer a patient, simply call our office in Manhattan KS at 785-320-6868 and we will set up an evaluation within 24 hours! You can be assured that at JointFit you will find a chiropractor Manhattan KS that is competent, and will safely administer an evidence informed treatment plan of conservative care for your patients.

    Learn more about The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians here, or read up on our official position statements on topics in healthcare and sports medicine here.

  • Joint function greatly influences muscle function (and vice versa)
    sports injury chiropractor manhattan ks
    How are we different?
    Compare to other Chiropractors?

    traditional chiropractic sports chiropractor manhattan ks
    Traditional chiropractic care focuses only on “adjustments”. In our view, this treatment is limited, and more recent evidence suggests better outcomes with a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.
    How are we different compared to Orthopedic MD’s?
    orthopedic PT sports chiropractor manhattan ks
    Orthopedic surgeons manage repetitive use injuries based upon symptoms, or refer to physical therapists to address muscle imbalances. PT often overlooks segmental joint function and stability.
    Our Philosophy: Address Dysfunction/Injury Completely while Controlling InflammationOur Model of Care 
    jointfit chiropractic chiropractor manhattan ks
    Our philosophy is to break the cycle of dysfunction at all points with treatment aimed at each factor. This breaks the cycle of dysfunction.