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    running couple sports chiropractor manhattan ksDr. Foveaux and Dr. Myers are chiropractor Manhattan KS that have advanced training above and beyond traditional chiropractic. They both have earned Master’s of Science degree in Sports Medicine and  Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and have held certifications relating to strength and conditioning.

    Combining this knowledge with doctorate level education and previous professional experience as a sports performance coach, Dr. Foveaux is able to design effective exercise programs specifically suited for any age, gender, or sport that will enhance performance and reduce risk of injury. Dr. Myers is extremely active in weight lifting and holds certification from USA weightlifting to help patients improve performance and prevent injury. 

    Once you contact JointFit, we can schedule a time to observe your team practice and conduct a needs analysis. From this the appropriate quantity and level of exercises and drills needed will be known to address agility, acceleration, top speed running, power, strength, and endurance. 4-12 week programs can then be specially designed to accomplish this.

    Whether you’re an stay at home mom looking to get in better shape, an athlete looking to get an edge on the competition, or a coach looking for professional design of a strength and conditioning program, JointFit can help.


    Sports Chiropractor Manhattan KS

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