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    power_plate_vibration chiropractor manhattan ksWhole-Body Vibration can be useful part of the following programs:

    • Ligament injury rehabilitation programs
    • Muscle strain rehabilitation programs
    • Restoring muscular balance
    • Core Stabilization/Strengthening programs
    • Athletic power and strength programs
    • Balance programs

    Scientific medical literature is constantly evaluating new and old methods of health care. The purpose of such is that health care professionals use new knowledge and apply it to get the best patient outcomes in the shortest time, at the least cost. We believe this is something all patients deserve.

    JointFit is dedicated to bringing patients care backed by sound anatomical, physiologic, and biomechanical principles and consistent with the best available knowledge. Dr. Foveaux is constantly reviewing literature to make sure each patient receives what he or she needs.

    Whole-Body Vibration is a type of therapy that is gaining significant momentum after numerous studies are showing many uses in both rehabilitation and the sports performance arena. Dr. Foveaux, chiropractor Manhattan KS, had this therapy introduced to him in his clinical internship and has seen fast and powerful results in both athletes and non-athletes.

    Whole body vibration is so effective because it induces very high levels of neuromuscular activation. High motor unit activation in the target muscle is the “holy grail” of rehabilitation, and whole body vibration can achieve approximately 98% of muscle fiber activation during exercises. Blood flow is greatly increased, which may also facilitate faster healing. This translates into faster gains in neuromuscular control, stability, and strength, which combine to accelerate rehab. Our equipment is extremely versatile, and can be used during all levels of rehabilitation. Studies show it also improves lower body power and vertical jump. Additionally, a study recently in our office found incredible gains in nerve conduction velocity using the PowerPlate in a patient with peripheral neuropathy after 6 weeks of training.

    Learn more about the Powerplate and see many testimonials from professional athletes and celebrities by visiting their website.

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