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    What is a "Sports Chiropractor" and how are we different compared to any other chiropractor Manhattan KS?

    As a sports chiropractor, we know that joint pain and muscle injury are most often due to one or more of the following:

    1. Dysfunction of the joint
    2. Dysfunction of the structures responsible for stabilizing the joint
    3. Dysfunction of your brains ability to activate the structures responsible for stabilizing it

    You can see the relationship between joint problems, muscle problems, and the lack of ability of the brain to choose the best muscles (inhibition) for stability and movement. Most muscle, joint, and skeletal conditions can be resolved or prevented from worsening if intervention addressing these 3 components is early. This could possibly prevent future joint replacement or other surgery. If your condition is not likely to respond to our care you will be referred to the appropriate health specialist.

    If your doctor or therapist is only addressing one of the components above, it will be very difficult to achieve long-term results and it often only temporarily reduces symptoms. Injuries will seem to nag. We call this "band-aid" care.

    Because of the relationship diagrammed above, all 3 components must be addressed! Only then will you have the opportunity to fully recover, achieve optimal strength and stability, maximize performance, and prevent re-injury.

    This type of comprehensive treatment takes TIME. This may be the first striking difference between our chiropractic office and other chiropractors in Manhattan, KS. Visits routinely last 30-60 minutes. The typical chiropractor visit at other offices last about 8 minutes, or up to 20 if a passive modality is applied like heat, ice, or electric stimulation. The problem we have found is that these passive modalities produce only very short term outcomes. Passive care focuses only on how you feel. At JointFit, you will find a chiropractor that will spend 10-15 minutes on passive care, but 30-40 minutes on "active care" consisting of specifically designed exercises and stretches to target the specific "weak links" in your body. This promotes changes in the way your body functions. Active care focuses on how your body functions. It's pretty obvious to us that when we focus on how patients feel and how they function, they will get better results than if we just focused on symptoms. The reason is, as we outlined above, symptoms are most commonly caused by poor function!

    The vast majority of patients that come to our office have not had good or lasting outcomes with their chiropractor Manhattan KS. Many feel that because they tried chiropractic care before at different office and it didn't work, that chiropractic care doesn't work. That line of thinking couldn't be further from the truth! Currently only half of one percent of all chiropractors in the United States are board certified diplomates in chiropractic sports medicine. 

    At JointFit Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Center , you will find an exceptional Manhattan KS chiropractor and complete care and long-term solutions you've been looking for.

  • JointFit was opened in 2009 by chiropractor Manhattan KS Dr Richard Foveaux, DC, MS, DACBSP.

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