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    performance man chiropractor manhattan ksJointFit offers conservative care for a wide range of conditions including headaches, myofascial pain, back pain, neck pain, disk syndromes, facet syndromes, shoulder pain, elbow pain, tendonitis, trigger points, “shin splints”, foot pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Dr. Foveaux and Dr. Myers are the only chiropractor Manhattan KS that also havea Master’s degree in Sports Medicine or Sports Science and Rehabilitation. This separates JointFit from the pack and gives us the expertise to offer patients well rounded care that includes advanced rehabilitation. JointFit also offers regular wellness and maintenance care, but it goes beyond an “adjustment” or “alignment”. It includes movement screens to find weak links in your body that are causing repeated mis-alignments or could cause future joint and muscle pain.

    The key to successful treatment begins with a thorough health history and examination. By doing this, we can identify structural problems, functional deficits, and daily habits that contribute to the condition and at the same time screen for conditions that may need to be referred out or co-managed. Therefore we are often able to help people even when other conservative treatments have failed, because we aim to first correct segmental joint instability and each contributing factor rather than just one or two.

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